Herd Manager App Updates

09 Sep '18
With 2018 simply flying by, we now find ourselves in September with plenty of goals to chase before we close out the year. So...with that in mind, here is the first of two September updates to help push things up the road.

First up, we have the initial build of pasture performance showing days grazed and changes in head counts. In coming months, expect to see improvements to this module as we get more real world feedback.
To submit suggestions on metrics you'd like to see here, email support@livestocked.com.
Next up, we have a new product manager for the finance module. You can still free type into the transaction item but now you can also save commonly used items including the accounts, cost and price for easy re-use.
A couple more changes:
- Support for the United Kingdom.
- Breed support for Aubrac, Square Meater and Welsh Black cattle.
- Ability to set litter size during initial animal setup.

Happy Farming!

Contributed by James Cullis

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