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Update May '19
05 May '19
It's been a few months since we've posted updates on the work being done, and with the 219.5 update, we thought this one was notable enough to get everyone up to speed with the core changes. Before we get started, check the app store to make sure you're on the latest version.

First up, Livestocked now supports running multiple businesses under one farm. This is to cater to operations running multiple business activities and family farms who need to file separate tax returns based around a co-mingled herd.
We have also included the ability to specify multiple locations, a location could be a primary property, additional property or lease block, even a retail outlet or farmers market.
Multi-location support improves tax rate allocation as well as any reporting requirements when filing in multiple counties or states.
Nb. Pastures / Paddocks are now grouped under a location.
Next, we have updated financial transactions to record additional information such as, business, location, payment types and paid status. In the next update we'll be adding the ability to filter by business and location which covers the multi-business model from a financial reporting perspective.
For convenience, Business users now have global search available on the dash. From this search box, you can quickly open up an animal, paddock, contact, product or transaction. This feature has proven to be a speedy way to look up a specific record as it bypasses the search process and takes you exactly where you want to go in just a couple of clicks.
A few more changes:
1. Support for Murray Grey society
2. Support for Marans chickens
3. Contact list can now be accessed from the dash
4. Product list can now be accessed from the dash
5. Carcass details can now be detailed in deceased event