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Update December '21
25 Dec '21
With another busy year about to be in the books, we wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and close out the year with some updates.

Before we start, head to the app store to make sure you're on the latest version. While these are just a few highlights, refer to the changelog for the full list.

First up, we have all new apps for both Mac and Windows.
If you use the web app on the desktop, we recommend jumping across to the native apps for improved performance and offline support.
Next Up, we have added support for the Gallagher W-0 Weigh Scale and Gallagher HR4 RFID Reader.
Finally, here's a video from a test day at Yellowbird Farms in TN
In this video we are automatically collecting preg check results using Livestocked with a Tru-Test XR5000 and XRP2.

Best part about this setup is the data is getting entered directly into the herd management system rather than having to transfer the from the indicator at the end of the day.

Nb. You can use any of the supported scales and readers to automate data collection.
To automatically collect data using Yardflow, you can use any of the supported scales and readers.
That's it for now...but feel free to email any thoughts or feature requests to