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Update November '20
08 Nov '20
Before we get started, we have launched a user forum where everyone can ask questions, make suggestions, or generally discuss topics relevant to livestock management.
We'd love to see you all join, let's get some conversations going!

Now onto the update, but if you haven't already, head to the app store to make sure you're on the latest version. While this is just a few highlights, refer to the changelog for the full list.

First up, we have further built out the dashboard which now includes improved pasture summaries, stocking rate / head count forecasting, and smarter pasture options when using the pasture action button.
In the image below, you'll notice a month over month forecast on stocking rate and head count, these values operate based on expected progeny, and planned sales to generate the month over month pasture load.
The optimal stocking rate will vary depending on your environment, but generally arrid environments will run between 1.5-3 and high rainfall, productive areas will run between 5-7. If you cross 7.5 you will see warnings that you are overstocked.
The new pasture summary now gives you stock classes in each pasture, for example, "North Central" contains bulls and steers.
Nb. For the forecast to work correctly, make sure you have filled in the area on each of your pastures.
Now, when you press the pasture actions button you will only be presented with options relevant to the stock classes in that pasture...let's use "North East" as the example where we have cows, heifers, and calves:
Next up, we have a new performance module with what we see as a more relatable data set.
You'll notice the new view is 'Adjusted' and the figures are based around real world numbers...for example, GL (Gestation Length) is based on days, BW (Birth Weight) is based on raw birth weights, and growth traits (Weaning Weight, Post Weaning Weight, Finished Weight) are all based on average daily gain.
You'll also notice two new traits:

1. FE (Fertility) helps identify how quickly your female base is getting bred.

2. MA (Maintenance) helps identify easy keepers in your herd.

Nb. Maintenance requires treatments to be categorized to make sure we are not penalizing scheduled treatments like artificial breeding vaccination events.
Finally, we have a new 'AI Program' task.
The primary use for this task is to start planning your breeding program and provides a way to plug in different sires to see the projected pedigree, inbreeding coefficient, and performance profile.
Then...once the program is executed, set the completed date and the breeding events will be applied and genetic inventory deducted.
That's it for now, but we're full steam ahead at the moment and expect one more update before the Christmas break. Until then, stay safe, and we wish you all the best over thanksgiving and the holiday season.
As always, feedback is welcome at