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Update December '19
30 Dec '19
We managed to sneak out one last update in 2019...somewhere between the Christmas ham and watching the ball drop, there was some hustle to get a couple features in place before the North American winter calves start dropping.

Before we get started, it's been a rough trot in Australia where many regions are experiencing the worst dry spell since the federation drought (1895–1903). As everyone is now aware, the extended dry has culminated in widespread fires testing the patience of many rural communities.
Needless to say, now is a good time to check in on affected producers in your network if nothing else, then to just say g'day.

Ok...back to the update - If you haven't already, head to the app store to make sure you're on the latest version. While this is just a few highlights, refer to the changelog for the full list.

First up, there are two new options in birthflow to move the group and treat the progeny.
Nb. The move option will move the dam and all progeny to a new pasture whereas the treat option is only applied to the progeny.
Also in birthflow, the system will now detect known tagging schemes and automatically apply the next tag in sequence.
It also crosses years, so in this example, the previous year was Q01, Q02, Q03, etc so the first tag of the new year has reset to R01.
That's all we have to talk about right now, but stay tuned as we have some great additions in the pipeline.
As always, feedback is welcome at