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Leader Vs. Elaborate
20 Dec '16
Here we go...the first of our head to head series featuring two stud sires, R LEADER 6964 and DAYS ELABORATE J59.

For this initial head to head, we only had access to 10 performance recorded females with enough genetic linkages to get a equatable result however we hope to have a minimum of 20 for future tests.
The selected females are split to create an even average age and weight for each sire.
Average age at calving: 3.25yrs
Est. Average weight at calving: 622kg (1368lbs)

The goal of this test run by Ruby Reds Poll Hereford Stud is to prove their merit as heifer bulls and then focus on average daily gains through 600 days and finally a muscle scan for eating quality.
The progeny will be run in a commercial environment strictly on pasture supplemented with hay through winter. Given the small sample size, we're looking for one bull to post a consistent and notable advantage to declare any genetic difference between the two sires.
Cattle record keeping and analysis will performed through the Livestocked Herd Manager.
The Contenders...

Leader:         5
Elaborate:    5
Leader:         5
Elaborate:    5
Leader:         2
Elaborate:    1
Leader:         1
Elaborate:    0
Leader:         285 (SD 8.1%)
Elaborate:    279 (SD 0.7%)
Birth Weight
Leader:         36.75 (SD 30.5%)
Elaborate:    36.25 (SD 13.8%)
200 Days
Leader:         278
Elaborate:    263
Leader:         414
Elaborate:    389
600 Days
Leader:         562
Elaborate:    534
Contributed by James Cullis