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November Update
22 November 2023
As we look to close out the year on a strong note, it's time to bring everyone up to speed on what we've been working on.

While we have delivered a number of usability improvements to the app, a good chunk of the year has been dedicated to infrastructure improvements.
The biggest of which, is migrating to the the latest version of HerdLogic.
I know...infrastructure is

First up, the global search has seen some work to make finding animals easier:

1. Exact match on VID will always show first.

2. Inactive and reference animals are now available however will show after active animal matches. Inactive and reference animals can be identified by a grey appearace.

3. You can launch Birthflow directly from the search results on applicable animals.
Next up, the animal profile page has been re-worked to show photos as a list rather than a gallery and the most recent structural assessment is always visible even if there isn't one available.

Why did we make these changes?
Most of us have poor cell coverage out in the paddock and downloading the animal photos can cause significant lag in opening an animal profile so this way you can quickly open the animal profile and then only view the photos if you choose.

The decision to always show the structural assessment panel was to encourage this activity. Structure impacts animal longevity and poor structure can increase the chances of a vet callout...therefore putting a strong emphasis on good structure plays a meaningful role in the profitability of your farm.
If you'd like to see a video on how to grade for structure, email us at to express interest.
Finally, we have completed the work moving finances offline so you can now delete purchases and sales directly from the finances module. It's important to note that deleting the transaction will also delete the underlying purchase or sold event so proceed with caution.
Moving forward, we will be implementing more granular control so you can set individual pricing and include additional line items like yarding fees or transport costs.