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Update June '18
28 Jun '18
It's been a busy couple of months here at Livestocked upgrading our infrastructure, and with that work complete we find ourselves half way through 2018 and focused on pushing the farm manager forward.'s a few notable changes from the June update

First up, we have HerdLogic....this is a great tool which allows producers to submit registrations and performance data to supported associations straight from the animal profile...the data is drawn from your herd records so in many cases there is no additional work and better yet, it will continue to sync with the association to upload performance data and receive updates.
Currently only available to Herefords Australia members but we'll support many more in coming months.
Next up, we have an all new financial data entry form which now has the ability to categorize income and expenses as well as attaching corresponding files.
The thing we really like about the updated form is the system will remember the line items and categorizations of products so the more you use it, the easier it gets!
A couple more changes:
- Updated the farm settings to allow customizing the app to only the species you're working with.
- Progeny linking can now be enabled in conjunction with all search classes.
- The 'Auto Breeding Exposure' feature has been rolled into a 'Paddock Automation' module which means the system will fill in the gaps around breeding, weaning and management groups.
- Fostering is now possible through the animal profile.
- We have also updated the generic animal list report to show more data (now prints in landscape) and to support progeny linking.
That's it for now, stay tuned for the July update.