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Update August '20
30 Aug '20
If you haven't already, head to the app store to make sure you're on the latest version. While this is just a few highlights, refer to the changelog for the full list.

First up, you're going to notice the new dashboard...and a couple buttons missing. We really try to keep Livestocked as simple as possible and that means having the app do more with less things cluttering up the screen.
Key things to note here are:

1. Genetics can now be found in the 'Products' module.

2. Performance is now a contextual view when you search animals. We've put a button to quickly access the cohort data until everyone gets the hang of the update.
Accessing Cohort Reports: We have this idea of making animal searches contextual, what I mean by this is that we can infer what you're looking for based on the search parameters.
The cohort view can be triggered by unticking 'Progeny Linking' and selecting a 'Born Year'.
Including 'Inactive' animals is optional, however you will only get true cohort averages if you include the entire cohort, including sold and deceased.

Why the change? Because this new system gives you the full flexibility of the animal search system so you can drill down by gender, pasture, ownership, and sort by any trait.
We'd love to hear some feedback on this new setup, so feel free to email us your thoughts.
And, the cohort view will look something like this...
Managing Genetics: The process is still the same, but instead of genetics being a standalone module it's now under 'Products'.
This means it uses the advanced inventory system supporting adjustments via mated events and financial transactions.
One small change, you can now store inventory as a total number or break it down by tank and canister.
Finally, we have been working on the task system and have now released the 'Sell Animals' task.
The primary use for this task is to create lists of animals that are designated for sale...that could be a cull list, schedule for sending weaners to market or a standard bull sale.
To create a 'Sell Animals' task, select a planned sales doesn't have to be exact, and give the task a description so you can distinguish sales from one another.
Then...when the sale actually goes through you can set the 'Sold On' which moves the animals to inactive and generates a sales invoice.
The other half of the sell task, you can also include an animal in a sell task directly from the animal profile...and they will display in red in both animal lists and on the profile if they're already included in a sell task.
Some other updates:
1. Birthflow now supports multiple treatments
2. Yardflow now supports tattoo and branding
3. Paddock / Pasture utilization now shows on dash
4. Updated animal age calculator for swine
5. Support for requesting DNA tests when uploading to select associations
6. Support for recalling submitted registrations
7. Country support for Namibia, Panama and Kenya
8. Cattle breeds update to include Nelore
9. Species support for Ducks and Turkeys.

That's it for now....stay safe everyone.
As always, feedback is welcome at