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Update September '23
06 September 2023
There has been a lot of work in the background this year to open up the flow of data in the livestock industry, and we're excited to launch Live Sync for breed registries.
Live Sync provides a two way link to your breed registry. This means changes at the registry will flow down to LIVESTOCKED, automatically importing DNA results and status changes, while performance data you enter into LIVESTOCKED will automatically flow up to the breed registry.

Since we can only support participating associations, we encourage you to contact your board members and request they join HerdLogic.

We also want to give kudos to Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders Incorporated and American Kiko Goat Association for being the first two associations to offer this capability to their members.

Registering animals is even easier, where you can hit the menu button on the animal profile, then select the 'Register Animal' option.