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Update November '17
24 Nov '17
With the year closing out and Christmas rapidly approaching, we're hustling to reach the goals we set out at the beginning of 2017. With Birthflow, Yardflow and Performance Analysis in the bank, today we're rolling out some new exciting updates!

First, we have a change that requires everyone to update their app (sorry for the inconvenience!). This update improves the way we track animal location and provides a solution for folks who choose not to group their herd by pasture. As such, when you create an animal without specifying the pasture, you will now see a pasture group called 'NO PASTURE'.

Next up, we have a few convenience updates. We always had mob actions for movements and treatments, now you can take advantage of mob weaning and castration. These two options allow you to perform an action on an entire pasture with just 3 clicks and the app will split out all the relevant need to sort by gender or's all covered!
The final feature is in open beta (available to everyone), it's a mob performance option designed to get a quick view on weight gain. When looking through the pasture actions select 'Mob Performance' to get yourself a view on how your animals are faring within their group. Expect this feature to see a lot of further development as we get feedback...grouping by mob in mixed pastures and highlighting high ADG animals who excel in additional traits are all on the way!
These updates make Livestocked even more flexible to fit the varied management styles of our members. We value every member of our community and commit to continue the enhancement our platform to always be the best in herd management.

There is more to come before 2017 is done, so stay tuned!

If you need any help getting set up or have some ideas you'd like to discuss, don't hesitate to reach out via