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Update January '21
17 Jan '21
Welcome to 2021! After a rough 2020, we're optimistic that better days are on the horizon.

A quick note about market conditions...
U.S. live markets continue to slump ~15% as processing capacity remains strained but we see current market conditions as an opportunity to buy in quality breeding stock at a discount. Our model predicts increased packer throughput in the second half of the year creating a more competitive stocker environment in 2022.

The same model points to a frothy Australian market, a bumper growing season has further boosted record high prices setting us up for a pull back in the March to May timeframe. Current stocker prices in conjunction with a strengthened Australian Dollar will challenge export orders over the medium term.

Now onto the update, if you haven't already, head to the app store to make sure you're on the latest version. While these are just a few highlights, refer to the changelog for the full list.

First up, we have improved the sell animals task to include projected weight and value based on the planned sale date. Currently, we can only provide value projections in Australia and United States but will be working on Canada and New Zealand later in the year.
Pricing uses our internal market model, currently it's national pricing however we are working on localizing it to better reflect market conditions in your area.
Next Up, we are in the process of migrating registration links to the new version of HerdLogic which now supports condition monitoring. Having this data in your herd management system means AI program tasks can pre-emptively warn you of recessive trait risks.
The great thing about this system is it will work in all situations, doesn't matter if you're commercial or stud, cross bred or pure.
For commercial operations looking to get a handle on the carrier status in your herd, we are now offering DNA testing services in Australia and will be opening up to the USA in coming months.
Next up, animal photos are now recorded as events. This allows you to add multiple photos over time to a single animal. You can also create an ad-hoc animal photo and link multiple animals to it just like you would for a treatment.
Furthermore, you can now take a photo from within the app, or select from your photo library.
Finally, we have released a line of Bluetooth Low Energy dongles to improve the integration with the Tru-Test XR5000 and Tru-Test XRP2.
The demonstration below runs through a few different setups and includes the following products:

     1. Tru-Test XR5000
     2. Tru-Test XRP2
     3. HerdLogic XR5000 Wedge
     4. HerdLogic XRP2 Wedge
     5. HerdLogic Go RFID Reader
That's it for now, but we're full steam ahead with ambitions for a big 2021! Until next time, stay safe, and happy new year.
As always, feedback is welcome at