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Update July '18
19 Feb '18
With July in the books and kids heading back to school, now the real work begins....time to get ready for calving! It truly is an exciting time as we see years of research and management paying dividends, all the while speculating where the next great sire will come from.
And to help everyone get the most out of the season, we've got a fresh set of tools for the July Update!

First up, we have more on HerdLogic....this month support for Canadian Angus Association has been released and Cudlobe Angus became the first to submit their 2018 calves cutting the time required to register a crop of calves from a week to just a few hours!

Watch a calf get registered in under 27 seconds

Next up, we have the chart of accounts. This was a required piece in our mission to provide meaningful financial tools to producers and while there are more finance updates due out over the next several months, we feel this one will be very helpful for end of financial year reporting.
This ones a sneak peek, but will be interesting to the direct marketers out there. The new Livestocked Websites editor is now in beta and the feedback has been excellent.
The old editor had a series of forms where members could make changes to their website....the better way is to open up the website in management mode and allow folks to make changes directly on the site!
In addition, we have a new MailChimp plugin and a new e-commerce store option complete with checkout facilities linked back to your finances.
A couple more changes:
- Updated farm settings to define area type (Acres / Hectares).
- More tweaks to the transaction entry form.

Stay tuned for the September update with more great features.