Herd Manager App Updates

25 Feb '18
With February just about in the books, we've released an all new version of the app containing several fixes plus some really handy new features designed to give producers the info they need, when they need it.

First up, we have dam - progeny linking. This feature will show unweaned progeny directly under a dam in standard searches, once the progeny are weaned that link will break and the animals will again show as individuals.
Next up, we have a new structural assessment event. Ideally you want the first assessment to coincide with any muscle scans (365-400 days) followed by annual assessments post calving on your female herd to identify longevity issues.
As we move the management and data entry features forward, focus remains on how producers can make use of this data and with that in mind we have another update to the herd performance module.
This update shows the number of data points in generating the sire group average as well as a production summary primarily used for small ruminant producers looking to improve lambing / kidding percentages.
Finally, we're starting up a new initiative to bring valuable insight from industry professionals and first up, we have an article from fellow producer (Avignon Cattle Co.) and Chartered Accountant, Geoff Birchnell. While finance is typically the job most farmers want to outsource most, it's a vital component to any profitable enterprise so without further ado, take a look at Geoff's contribution.

Stay tuned as we roll out the March updates which will be packed with ease of use features alongside new event types!

Happy Farming!

Contributed by James Cullis

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