Herd Manager App Updates

25 Jan '18
Welcome to 2018 folks!!! We've seen some mixed fortunes to kick off the new year, from a brutal cold snap on the east coast of the USA to a green summer in south east Australia, seems like the weather is throwing best laid plans to the dogs this year.

This month we have some timely updates and with the massive number of calves, kids and lambs being recorded every day, we think the community will see some immediate value from these new insights.

First up, we have an update that will greatly improve speed of data entry and exception handling. Yardflow now has the ability to toggle individual treatments rather than the entire treatment bundle.

We've made similar improvements to the main treated event and simplified the process of adding or editing details. This especially comes in handy during a change in batch number or expiry date.
This is an exciting one in our opinion...an all new, all improved performance module accounting for almost every data point you can imagine, from fertility to growth patterns and total production, Livestocked now offers greater transparency on decision making while building a real world profit index designed to benefit you, the breeder!
RAW: Raw data points selected for evaluation
HEBV: In Herd EBV's
GEBV: Association EBV/EPD's
PI: Profit Index
Finally, the dairy community has shown us great support and now we're excited to launch three new performance traits in Yield, Fat & Protein.
Stay tuned next month as we prepare to announce a couple of big developments and partnerships, we're really excited about some of the products coming up the pike and how they fit into the wider offering making it easier to run your business and drive profit.

Happy Farming!

Contributed by James Cullis

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