Herd Manager App Updates

09 Jan '19
And just like that, it's 2019!!! And with a new year comes new updates.

First up, we rebuilt the treatment module from the ground up. The new system is now integrated into the product database which means you can re-use the list for your expense records and store inventory on the products.
Better yet, we've included a comments field and incorporated an autocomplete feature on the drug lookup to speed up the time it takes to record treatment data.
Next up, if you've noticed the app asking for more details about the farm during setup, it was to improve the layout of the invoice.
One of our main goals in 2018 was to improve the financial system. The focus will continue this year as we make further improvements to finances and sales capabilities.
This one is long overdue, there is now an event for SS measurements which can be triggered through an ad-hoc event or as part of Yardflow.
A couple more changes:
- Current Weight included in performance data as (CW).
- Foreign currency support on invoices for export sales.
- Born, weighed, preg check and treated event can now be updated.
- Association Cloud link now accepts castrated events.
- Association Cloud link now allows opt-out for performance evaluation.
- New cattle breeds Montbeliarde, Gir, Normande & Swedish Red Poll.
- New sheep breeds Awassi & Wiltipoll.

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