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Using Birthflow
1. From the dash, select the yellow Birthflow button and you will see the tag selector appear. Enter the dams's VID or EID (or scan the EID if you have a compatible reader) and tap the green accept button.
Nb. To skip this step, leave the tag empty and hit the green accept button.
2. Once you have selected the dam, the system will try to determine the sire. If a correlating mated event is found then the system will default the pedigree and breed makeup.
At this point you can set the birth difficulty and backdate the d.o.b if necessary.
To record multiples, change the litter size and you will able to record all progeny in one step.
3. Now you can record the details unique to the progeny. Here you need to record at least one identification method, Name, VID or EID.
Using birthflow also allows you to record castrated at birth, birth weight, live status and a comment which shows as a note under the animals event history.
4. If you have another birth to record, hit 'Save & Next' otherwise hit 'Save & Exit' to complete the workflow.
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