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Managing Paddocks / Pastures
Pastures can be used for grazing and cropping, in grazing mode you can group animals by pasture and use track utilization through animal move events.
1. From the dashboard, either long press the 'Pastures' button to create a new record, or short press to search the pasture list.
2. From a short press, you'll see the filter appear. Fill out your search criteria and press 'Search'.
  1. Search is a free text search matching pasture name.
3. Following a search, you will see matching pastures at which point you can either edit an existing pasture, or create a new pasture.
4. Once you see the 'New Pasture' screen, fill out the form and press 'Save'.
  1. Name is a friendly name for the pasture.
  2. Area is the size of the pasture, refer to your farm settings for the unit type (Acre / Hectare).
  3. Location is the location where this pasture exists, refer to Farm Settings > Locations.
  4. Status allows you to enable / disable pastures for use.
3. Once the pasture has been saved, you'll be taken back to the pasture overview screen where you can review the settings.
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