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Managing Locations
Livestocked supports multiple locations to be run under a single organization, a location can be a property, retail facility, farmers market etc..
The benefit of multiple locations is the ability to specify the sales tax rate for the location as well as the ability to report on activity or sales for a particular jurisdiction.
1. From the 'Organization Overview' screen, click the 'Add' button on the 'Locations' panel.
2. Once you see the 'New Location' screen, fill out the form and press 'Save'.
  • Description is a friendly name for the location.
  • Street 1 is the street name of the location.
  • Street 2 is often used for additional location details like unit number.
  • City is the city name of the location.
  • State is the state name of the location.
  • Country is the country of the location, this field is pre-populated and cannot be changed.
  • Zip Code is the zip code of the location.
  • Property Code is dependent on country, in Australia this should be used to store a PIC number, in the United States is should be Premise ID.
  • Sales Tax is the applicable sales tax for the location, this value will be used when creating financial transactions at this location.
  • Status allows you to enable / disable locations for use. You cannot disable the primary location.
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