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Managing Integrations
Livestocked supports connecting Stripe accounts to collect in-person and online payments from your customers. You can connect one Stripe account per business to direct payments into separate bank accounts for each business activity, see Managing Businesses for details on linking Stripe accounts to businesses.
1. From the 'Farm Overview' screen, click the 'Add' button on the 'Integrations' panel.
2. You will be presented with an option list, select 'Stripe'.
2. Once you see the 'Connect Stripe' screen, follow the instructions provided by Stripe to complete the integration.
Nb. If you already have a stripe account, use the 'Sign In' option, otherwise fill out your business details to sign up for a new Stripe account.
3. Once the integration has been saved, you'll be taken back to the farm overview screen where you can review the settings.
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