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Managing Businesses
Livestocked supports multiple businesses to be run under a single farm, this accounts for farms operating multiple business activities and situations where separate tax returns need to be filed from a co-mingled herd.
All farms will have a primary business, this business will reflect the farm name and cannot be deleted however you can create additional businesses on top of the primary business.
1. From the 'Farm Overview' screen, click the 'Add' button on the 'Businesses' panel.
2. Once you see the 'New Business' screen, fill out the form and press 'Save'.
  1. Tax Number will be used for financial transactions created using this businesses as well as being displayed on any receipts and invoices produced.
  2. Phone (number) will display on financial transactions created using this business as well as being displayed on any receipts, invoices or purchase orders produced.
  3. Payment Acct refers to a connected stripe account for accepting in-person and online card payments. See Managing Integrations for instructions on connecting a Stripe account.
  4. Card Fee allows you to apply a payment processing fee to card payments on financial transactions (sales), provided this complies with any applicable laws that pertain to you. If you are unsure whether any such laws apply, you should consult with your own legal counsel.
  5. Status allows you to enable / disable businesses for use. You cannot disable the primary business.
3. Once the business has been saved, you'll be taken back to the farm overview screen where you can review the settings.
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