Updating Your App

Depending on the impact of the update, for smaller incremental updates (hot updates) Livestocked will update automatically at startup while for larger updates you will need to update the app through the app store.

Hot Updates

In most cases, hot updates will apply themselves at launch and we support up to three versions at any given time. This means you typically only need to re-login every three weeks to make sure your app is running on the latest version.
However, in rare cases we see devices failing to update. In these cases you'll need to follow these steps:

Re-launch or Force Update

1. Double click the Home button to bring up the fast app switcher.
2. Swipe up on the app card you wish to shut down by flicking it up and off the screen.
3. Click the Livestocked app icon to re-launch.

1. Click the recent apps icon
2. Tap and hold on the application and swipe it to the right.
3. Click the Livestocked app icon to re-launch.

-- OR --

Force Update:
From the login screen, push and hold the app version number:

Full Updates

On occasion, we need to release full updates to the app to take advantage of features availalbe on newer devices, when this happens we'll typically offer a link directly from the app. That said, if you need to check for the availability of a full update just select the appropriate app store below:
Update From The App Store
Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store
Get it from MicrosoftOpen the Web App
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