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Managing Animals
23 Sep '21
There are 3 ways to record animals in Livestocked:

1. From the dash, Long press the 'Animals' button to launch a new animal record.
OR From the dash, tap a pasture name, and then tap the 'New Animal' button.
This method will automatically place the newly recorded animal in the selected pasture.

-- OR --
Once you see the 'New Animal' screen, fill out the form and press 'Save'.

Type: sets the record as an individual or a group.

Name: is the friendly name for the animal.

VID Tag: is the visual or management tag for the animal.

EID Tag: is the electronic (NLIS/NAIT etc...) tag for the animal.
2. From the dash, tap the 'Birthflow' button, then select the appropriate dam which fills out all the defaults for the new animal.
This method is primarily used to record progeny.
3. From the dash, tap the 'Yardflow' button, you will then see an option to auto create animals when a tag doesn't exist.
This method is primarily used during yard work, and can be an extremely quick way to record new animals onto your property by scanning the ear tags as they step off the truck.