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Connecting Bluetooth Devices
21 Sep '21
Livestocked supports select Bluetooth devices from Agrident, Allflex, Destron Fearing, HerdLogic, Trovan, and Tru-Test.

Supported Bluetooth RFID Tag Readers
- Agrident AWR300
- Allflex RS420
- Allflex LPR
- Destron Fearing GPR+
- HerdLogic Go
- Trovan LID-710
- Tru-Test SRS2
- Tru-Test XRS2

**Supported Bluetooth Animal Weigh Systems (Scales)
- Tru-Test S3
- Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i
- Tru-Test ID3000
- Tru-Test XR5000
- Gallagher W-0

Connecting a Bluetooth device
There are two main methods we use for device connection in Livestocked, first is when you see the Bluetooth logo on the right hand edge of a text field. In this instance, long press the text field to bring up the device selector.
When the device is connected, the Bluetooth icon will turn blue.
The second method is in Yardflow, there is a device connection row toward the top of the screen allowing you to connect any combination of an RFID Reader, Auto Drafter, and Scale.