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Animal Breeding Event
24 Sep '21
Initiate a new 'Mated' event in one of the following ways:

1: Long press the 'Events' button on the dashboard, then select 'Animal - Mated'.

2. Navigate the the animal profile, locate the 'Event History' panel and click the 'Add' button.

Once you have the new 'Mated' event open, then you need to select the date and type of service.
There are three service types to be aware of:

1. Observed
Natural breeding is when you observe service out in the pasture, this is recognised as a single day event and allows the system to acknowledge signs of heat and a likely bred date.
2. Exposed
Exposed (exposure) breeding is a multi-day event, when you select exposed as a service type you can also provide either the duration of exposure in days or the out date which will allow the system to calculate the exposre days for you.
3. Artificial
Artificial breeding refers to Artificial Insemination (AI) or Embryo Transfer (ET). Artificial service types are also single day events and require you to select genetic inventory rather than a walking sire.
Calculated Breeding
Livestocked also supports calculated breeding, this is a setting available to all paid subscriptions which tracks the location of walking sires and automatically generates breeding records when a mature sire and dam are in the same pasture.