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Livestocked is always on the go, keep up with the latest changes here at the release log.

Change Logs

V.218.6 (12th July 2018)

** Chart of accounts (Platform)
** Improved transaction editor (Platform)
** Selectable area unit Acres / Hectares (Platform)
** Association Cloud link improvements (Platform)
** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.218.0.5 (27th June 2018)

** Improved transaction form (Platform)
** Improved animal filter options for progeny linking (Platform)
** Improved generic animal report (Platform)
** Improved event descriptions - gender makeup on preg checks (Platform)
** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.218.0.4 (7th June 2018)

** Asociation Cloud Support (Platform)
** Ayrshire Cattle, Wiltshire Horn Sheep & Finnsheep breed support (Platform)
** Farms can now allocate which species they work with (Platform)
** Auto exposure is now Paddock Automation and has gained some new skills! (Platform)
** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.218.0.3 (18th March 2018)

** Email invite for farm access (Platform)
** Dutch Belted, British White breed support (Platform)
** Enhanced paddock / pasture features (Platform)
** Support for foster dams (Platform)
** Enhanced animal event history report (Platform)
** Enhanced contact creation and edit from transactions (Platform)
** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.218.0.2 (1st March 2018)

** Animal List Export (Web/Windows)
** Animal Selector Progeny Linking (Platform)
** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.218.0.1 (20th February 2018)

** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.218.0.0 (17th February 2018)

** Dam / Progeny Linking (Platform)
** Printing Fix (iOS)
** Breed support for North Country Cheviot Sheep (Platform)
** Breed support for Rideau Arcott Sheep (Platform)
** Breed support for Charollais Sheep (Platform)
** Herd performance improvements (Platform)
** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.100 (04th February 2018)

** Improved seeded event description (Platform)
** Improved born event description (Platform)
** Litter size marker against animal name (Platform)
** Bluetooth RFID read on animal searcher (Platform)
** Performance grouping showing counts (Platform)
** New structural assessment event (Platform)
** Bug fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.99 (18th January 2018)

** Performance update (Platform)
** Addition of Yield, Fat & Protein traits (Platform)
** Addition of Profit Index (Platform)
** Bug fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.98 (04th January 2018)

** Yardflow - Select / De-Select individual treatments (Platform)
** Drug selector improvements (Platform)
** Bug fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.97 (26th December 2017)

** Association Cloud link fix (Platform)

V.1.2.96 (26th December 2017)

** Association Cloud link fix (Platform)

V.1.2.95 (23rd December 2017)

** New breed (East Friesian Sheep) (Platform)

V.1.2.94 (17th December 2017)

** Reporting updates (Platform)
** Milk test calculate by percentage (Platform)

V.1.2.93 (17th December 2017)

** Dairy performance traits Yield, Fat & Protein (Target: dairy cows, dairy goats, dairy sheep) (Platform)

V.1.2.92 (17th December 2017)

** FAMACHA event description fix (Platform)

V.1.2.91 (14th December 2017)

** COI fix (Platform)
** New breed - Galloway (Platform)
** Bred female phrase update and ordering (Platform)
** User access to breeding exposure (Platform)

V.1.2.90 (11th December 2017)

** Inbreeding Coefficient (Platform)

V.1.2.89 (10th December 2017)

** New breed (Bluefaced Leicester) (Platform)
** New registry (American Savanna Registry) (Platform)
** Multi generation pedigree view (Platform)

V.1.2.88 (06th December 2017)

** Animal list refresh fix (Windows / Web)
** Unknown breed type (Platform)

V.1.2.87 (29th November 2017)

** Registration Task (Platform)
** Bug Fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.86 (29th November 2017)

** Herd/Mob Update (Platform)

V.1.2.85 (29th November 2017)

** Fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.84 (29th November 2017)

** EID for sole unique identifier (Target: large scale sheep production) (Platform)
** Preg check suggestions (Target: cow calf producers / sheep lamb producers) (Platform)

V.1.2.83 (27th November 2017)

** Birthflow fix (Platform)

V.1.2.82 (27th November 2017)

** Windows app scroller fix (Windows)

V.1.2.81 (26th November 2017)

** Registration upgrade (Target: Herefords Australia / Canadian Angus Association) (Platform)

V.1.2.80 (26th November 2017)

** Registration upgrade (Target: Herefords Australia / Canadian Angus Association) (Web/Windows)

BREAKING CHANGE V.1.2.79 (23rd November 2017)

** Paddock / Pasture movement improvements (Target: Rotational Grazing) (Platform)

V.1.2.78 (20th November 2017)

** Milked event export (Target: Dairy Goats & Dairy Cows) (Platform)
** Mob wean action (Target: Cow Calf Producer) (Platform)
** Mob castration action (Target: Cow Calf Producer) (Platform)
** D.O.B on animal setup (Target: All livestock breeders) (Platform)
** Auto exposure freshen fix (Platform)

V.1.2.77 (06th November 2017)

** New breed support (Target: Romanov Sheep) (Platform)

V.1.2.76 (05th November 2017)

** Milking event (Target: Dairy Goats & Dairy Cows) (Platform)
** More data for individual animal report (Target: Cow Calf Producer) (Platform)
** Breed selector fix on birthflow (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.75 (30th October 2017)

** WI state fix (Platform)
** EID Match Fix (Platform)

V.1.2.74 (27th October 2017)

** ABBA Connection (Platform)

V.1.2.73 (09th October 2017)

** New breed - Gypsy Horse (Platform)

V.1.2.72 (06th October 2017)

** RFID Fix (Platform)
** Ability to edit unit types (Platform)

V.1.2.71 (30th September 2017)

** Tag validation (Platform)
** Manual EID entry (Platform)

V.1.2.70 (12th September 2017)

** Launch sequence fix (iOS)

V.1.2.69 (05th September 2017)

** Automatic breeding exposure update (Platform)
** Multiple event ordering fix (Platform)

V.1.2.68 (04th September 2017)

** Canadian Angus Support (Platform)
** New Shop Products (Platform)

V.1.2.67 (26th August 2017)

** Mobile App Release (Platform)

V.1.2.66 (23rd August 2017)

** New country support (Platform)
** Fecal count EPG support (Platform)

V.1.2.65 (11th August 2017)

** New country support (Platform)

V.1.2.64 (10th August 2017)

** Registrations upgrade (Platform)
** Breaking change

V.1.2.63 (7th August 2017)

** Marked event (Platform)
** FAMACHA event (Platform)

V.1.2.62 (5th August 2017)

** EID assignment text fix (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.61 (4th August 2017)

** Salers breed included (Platform)

V.1.2.60 (2nd August 2017)

** Text zoom fix (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.59 (31st July 2017)

** Performance analysis update (Platform)
** Change treatment terminology (Platform)
** Chemical selector update (Platform)

V.1.2.58 (30th July 2017)

** Live status included in birthflow (Platform)
** Auto castration included in birthflow (Platform)
** Australian access to RFID listener (iOS/Android)
** Bug fixes (Web)

V.1.2.57 (25th July 2017)

** Belmont Red breed added (Platform)
** Senepol breed added (Platform)
** Birthflow NLIS link fix (iOS/Android)
** Livestocked Analsys V.2.0 (Platform)
** ADG included in history description (Platform)

V.1.2.56 (18th July 2017)

** RFID reader fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.55 (16th July 2017)

** Re-tagging support (Platform)

V.1.2.54 (13th July 2017)

** Keypad fixes (Platform)

V.1.2.53 (13th July 2017)

** Livestocked Stores pedigree link fix (Platform)
** Animal image fix (iOS/Android)
** Yardflow Weight calculator update (Web)

V.1.2.52 (10th July 2017)

** AVDG support on Yardflow (Platform)

V.1.2.51 (08th July 2017)

** Multiple font types for storefronts (Web)

V.1.2.50 (05th July 2017)

** Financial year fix (Platform)

V.1.2.49 (01st July 2017)

** Registration system improvements (Platform)
** Improved Yardflow paddock selector (Platform)

V.1.2.48 (28th June 2017)

** Yardflow improvements (Platform)
** Animal search summary fix (Platform)

V.1.2.47 (26th June 2017)

** Yardflow temp check fix (Platform)
** Chemical dosage default (Platform)

V.1.2.46 (22nd June 2017)

** Birthflow R1 (Platform)
** Yardflow R1 (Platform)

V.1.2.45 (10th June 2017)

** New breed support (Platform)

V.1.2.44 (19th May 2017)

** Breed makeup fix (Platform)

V.1.2.43 (17th May 2017)

** Breed makeup optional (Platform)

V.1.2.42 (16th May 2017)

** Password restricted character fix (Web)

V.1.2.41 (13th May 2017)

** Tag year depreciated (Platform)

V.1.2.40 (12th May 2017)

** Sheep breed Polwarth (Platform)
** Sheep breed Dohne (Platform)

V.1.2.39 (10th May 2017)

** Search tag color (Platform)
** Treated search class (Platform)
** Depreciated tag letter year(Platform)

V.1.2.38 (4th May 2017)

** Paddock count fix (Platform)
** Event date range search(Platform)

V.1.2.37 (29th April 2017)

** Mailer Fix (Platform)
** Custom event changed to note(Platform)
** Note event extended to paddocks(Platform)

V.1.2.36 (27th April 2017)

** EID Fix (iOS)

BREAKING CHANGE V.1.2.35 (27th April 2017)

** Count on born event (Platform)
** Comment on born event (Platform)
** Fix layout issue on tour (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.34 (21st April 2017)

** Native Apps 38.0.0 (Platform)

V.1.2.33 (9th April 2017)

** Improved ADG calculator. (Platform)
** New sheep breeds. (Platform)

V.1.2.32 (7th April 2017)

** Tag selector bug fix. (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.31 (5th April 2017)

** Bug fixes. (Platform)

V.1.2.30 (03rd April 2017)

** Livestocked Import Codes. (Platform)
** Fix average daily gain calculation. (Platform)

V.1.2.29 (23rd March 2017)

** State list update. (Platform)

V.1.2.28 (22nd March 2017)

** Paddock performance update. (Platform)

V.1.2.27 (21st March 2017)

** Paddock performance update. (Platform)

V.1.2.25 (17th March 2017)

** Unknown gender type. (Platform)
** Kalahari Red breed type. (Platform)

V.1.2.24 (14th March 2017)

** Users permission type. (Platform)

V.1.2.23 (12th March 2017)

** Preg check gender support. (Platform)
** Horse species. (Platform)
** Chicken species. (Platform)

V.1.2.22 (04th March 2017)

** Temp check event. (Platform)
** Breeding male exposure fix. (Platform)

V.1.2.21 (28th February 2017)

** Task delete fix. (Platform)

V.1.2.20 (28th February 2017)

** Task completion fix. (Platform)
** Financials permission fix. (Windows)

V.1.2.19 (25th February 2017)

** Financials permission fix. (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.15 (22nd February 2017)

** Offline support foundations. (Platform)
** Included D.O.B in animal report. (Platform)
** Included Belgian Blue breed type. (Platform)

V.1.2.17 (22nd February 2017)

** Included sable breed. (Platform)
** ADGA registration link. (Platform)

V.1.2.16 (20th February 2017)

** Fix date validator. (Platform)

V.1.2.15 (20th February 2017)

** Fix forward dating tasks. (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.14 (20th February 2017)

** Add task detail in completer. (Platform)

V.1.2.13 (20th February 2017)

** Fix back trigger. (iOS)

V.1.2.12 (20th February 2017)

** Tasks available. (Platform)
** Birthing breakers in animal history. (Platform)
** Included Icelandic sheep breed. (Platform)
** Update contact selector. (Web)
** Update genetic selector. (Web)
** Fixed paddock upper/lower case matching. (iOS/Android)

V.1.2.11 (15th February 2017)

** New user permission for finances. (Platform)

V.1.2.10 (10th February 2017)

** Fix bred females, preg check with no mating record. (iOS)
** Fix keyboard covering lower fields. (iOS)

V.1.2.09 (7th February 2017)

** Fix keyboard covering lower fields. (iOS)

V.1.2.08 (7th February 2017)

** Fix event launcher. (Web)

V.1.2.07 (6th February 2017)

** Fix goat/sheep performance on animal report. (Platform)
** Fix buckling classification. (Platform)
** Included reference field in transactions. (Platform)
** Included reference field in purchases. (Platform)
** Included reference field in sales. (Platform)
** Streamlined paddock form. (Platform)
** Included acreage field in paddocks. (Platform)
** Fix handling of hard back button on tutorial. (Android)

V.1.2.06 (5th February 2017)

** Dual purpose dash buttons. (Platform)
** Fix for genetic list spacing. (Platform)
** Streamlined farm setup. (Platform)

V.1.2.05 (25th January 2017)

** Seeded event is live. (Platform)
** Included SPI in breed associations. (Platform)
** Included Braunvieh and Brows Swiss in breeds. (Platform)

V.1.2.04 (20th January 2017)

** New search class 'UNWEANED'. (Platform)
** Included pedigree on animal lists. (Platform)
** Printable subscription receipts. (Platform)
** Farm ownership selector on mobile app. (Android / iOS)

V.1.2.03 (14th January 2017)

** New animal profile report. (Platform)
** Fix auto breed calculation. (Android / iOS)

V.1.2.02 (11th January 2017)

** Included print support. (iOS)

V.1.2.01 (11th January 2017)

** Mobile app update. (iOS)
** Clickable version label links to changelog. (Android)

V.1.2.0 (7th January 2017)

** Fix for duplicate in swine breed list.
** Fix to lock the paddock selector on reference animals. (Android)
** Fix to animal search filter losing animal class filter. (Android) ** New option selector to work cross platform. (Android/iOS)

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